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5 January 2016

A United and Prosperous Africa (As Long As...)

A united and prosperous Africa will remain a dream as long as its leaders drive their personal agendas ahead of the interests of its people. 
  • As long as one country estimates that it is superior to others. 
  • As long as there are countries that wear the pity blanket and consider themselves inferior to others. As long as corruption and fraud rule the day. 
  • As long as the colour of one’s skin determines the treatment they get from their fellow Africans. 
  • As long as there are people born into the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ bloodline – Africans are of one bloodline. 
  • As long as country borderlines are not to regulate or limit the movement of people but are used as tools to block African Makwerekwere (foreigners) to enter certain well-off countries. 
  • As long as African countrymen steal from the Continent. 
  • As long as the doors are opened for opportunists to grab the Continent’s natural resources and leave its natives destitute.