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19 May 2015

It's Ok To Just Be Who You Truly Are

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Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend who also happens to be a colleague. He told me that he plans to move from the city and stay in a farm in the near future. He mentioned that he needed to get away from the sham that most people in our city are living. I agreed with him. Yes, most people here are not true to themselves, as a matter of fact, most people across the globe do not really know their true selves because they have never met their ‘real’ selves.
Most people, more especially the youth, live their lives trying to please their ‘friends’; they spend money unnecessarily; they want to be seen in fancy cars they cannot afford, designer clothes that are out of their affordability. I'm not saying it is wrong to have ambitions but it is wrong not to be realistic when it comes to important issues - issues that concern one's life.