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4 December 2013

Dr of Relationships & Breakups: Mama told me my wedding dress shouldn't be black paperback NOW Available

Mama told me that my wedding dress shouldn't be black: Healing your broken heart in 30 days paperback

To celebrate my newly published relationship book titled, Mama told me my wedding dress shouldn’t be black I will like to extract some passages. Please note that this excerpt is copyrighted.
Mama told me that my wedding dress shouldn't be black: Healing your broken heart in 30 days paperback NOW available at

Mama told me that my wedding dress shouldn't be black: Healing your broken heart in 30 days paperback NOW available at

You met through a relative or in the subway or maybe you have grown up together. It was love at first sight or you took your time to make sure that it was for real. You were smitten with each other, you could not stay away from each other and when you did you could not wait to be with each other you could see your story along the Cinderella themes or even much better you could not wait to tell your great-grandchildren how you met. You were well-matched and everyone said so and then the impossible happened he told you that he is breaking up with you. You world Shatters!

In the next days, weeks, months or even years (now you need to move on) you crave and grieve for that relationship you are lovesick.

No one ever said that relationships are perfect for if they were, then we will all be living in fairytales. If you get into a romantic relationship, then expect that it will come with the good and the bad but if you believe that the relationship is of great value to the both of you then it is important to work more on the good than focusing on the bad.

Sometimes people throw in the towel in a valuable and significant relationship because they had tended to put a focal point on each others flaws. Listen, no one is perfect and to tell you the truth, the perfectyou will definitely drive most people to insanity so just be you and try to enjoy your relationship as best as you can. Then again, we are not saying show off your repellent behaviour such as picking your nose and say thats you being yourself hey, some things you have to keep them between your eyes and brain. Gross!

Grief is a normal part of the process to healing but depression is not. Depression is an extreme level of grief where the victim feels emptiness and sadness. It is always good to express how you feel and avoid repressing it as this might backfire. Remember, the breakup does not define you so do not give up on the prosperity of loving again in future. Do not try and reconstruct your past relationship with your current or potential relationships as this will frustrate you and hold you back. It is important to move on otherwise you would get stuck in the past with life passing you by and if you ever wake from the self-condemnation, you might live in regret of the time you have wasted which you will never get back.

Deal Breaker

He dumped me on x-mas eve then the following day

I saw him with my neibourbors daughter - young enough to be his daughter.


He made a resolution for the New Year, he was making a lot of changes in his life and apparently I was one of the changes.


He broke up with me through Facebook, this is what he posted

on his profile: You need to know by now  that I never intended for our relationship to be exclusive but thats the feeling Im getting from you.

Sorry you can’t  tame a wild lion Or by the way can I keep those diamond cuffs you bought me?

This is after two years of dating which included us meeting each

others parents and attending family events together.

 I took the cuffs back of course

- Liz

Break-ups are hard for anybody, but it's

particularly tough when it's being

documented and you see the person's

picture everywhere. Most people don't have

that added problem when they break up

with someone.  

                                                                   Winona Ryder