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12 November 2013

Benefits of Reading

The 21st century – it’s the era of smart, affordable and dependably (mostly) technology in the forms of computers, Internet, video games, cellphones and televisions.

The 21st century – it’s the period ruled by digital gadgets.

But what about reading? What happened to getting a paperback and enjoy the contents within? What happened to parents reading to their children before they go to sleep? What happened to girls being absorbed in the ‘chick flick’ kind of novels (remember Sweet Valley Twins)? What happened to the young boys (and men too) mesmerised by the action books? Of course, we know the ‘verbal skill’ in comic books is limited to few numbers of words but hey, it does count. Most people are either addicted to video games, watching television or the internet and this result in them having little or no time at all for reading.

The Answer! Technology happened!

Television broadcasting soapies every night and all the action you get from the animations, reality shows (full of falsify events) and video games that small children as little as four years old are mastering, many people do not see the benefit of reading at all. However, reading has proven to be of much of assistance to people who has taken it as hobby as it advances their vocabulary, develop their thinking scope and awareness of the world around them.
How Reading can benefit you

  • ·         Reading enhances an individual’s knowledge and helps them to grasp intelligence that can assist them in making informed decisions in various circumstances of life.

  • ·         Reading requires the use of one’s brain and therefore keeps it in excellent form.

  • ·         Grows an individual’s imagination. Carry out this experience: take an age appropriate book with pictures and read to a toddler (a sibling or relative if there is no small children in your family then volunteer at the local library), in the middle of the story ask the child if they can make up the story ending and you might be surprised. This should be done with a child that have been consistently been read to every night (or day if you are volunteering at the library) for two months.

  • ·         Some ignorant people still believe that Africa is only full of wild animals and its inhabitants still wear animal skins for clothing – yeah, makes you wonder. Reading can help in getting rid of misconceptions from ancient folklores and myths regarding other people’s traditions and can aid in people understanding and accepting that we are all different and special in different ways and accepting each others’ culture.

  • ·         How many influential speakers are habitual readers? Almost all of them. Imagine that you are asked to give a speech about a much unknown tribe living in the forest of Amazon – what are the chances that the information will come naturally to you or that you already know someone with that information heaped in their brain? None. You are probably going to Google the information and that means you have to read it either electronically or from the tradition manner. A good orator is 50% made of absorbing written information and the rest to good vernacular and to confidence; it will be of no use to be great in verbal communication and be ignorant at the same time on any subject.

  • ·         Reading requires concentration and focus from the reader and if an individual is a constant reader, their mind will eventually be trained to be more attentive and focused in life in general. Devoted readers tend to remain calm and their perception of life is objective and thus making them excellent decision makers.

Now make sure that you make it a habit to read now and then if you are not already doing that and if reading is a hobby for you, then keep up the good work. Let’s be practical here, if you currently spend long hours in front of the television or computer then it is not going to be easy to make swift change so it best to take one step at a time – one day reading might come as your first choice for entertainment.