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16 September 2015

Violence Against Women - A Case Study

Image Hammond
Everyone was talking about it, well, almost everyone. In fact, they were not talking per se, they were sneering. I mean she is the one who put herself in that situation in the first place. If only she had listened to him and had not provoked him; she was the one to blame and now the poor man was harassed by the police. Women nowadays ask for a lot, why couldn’t they just shut their mouths and raise children like they are supposed to? This equal rights issue was ruining ‘our’ women, it was ruining African women – the Western men have left their women to disrespect them and now they want to spread the decay into the Motherland continent? These were questions men asked during their drinking sprees and women who had nothing except sitting under trees all day long gossiped about.
Dorcus or MmaDineo as she was affectionately called by her eldest child’s name as a sign of respect in our culture was our neighbour. Growing up, I was used to her affectionate and contagious laughter that could be heard from afar. She was a gentle soul and the kind of a person who cheered people up even during devastating times. Everyone loved her, everyone except the men she dated. She could not keep a relationship, every man she was with always left her for another woman but they all made sure to leave her with a farewell gift – a child. She had five babies by four different men and none of these men was man enough to take care of their child so as a result, she had to work countless hours as a house help to put food on the table.