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22 December 2015

Young Women and Political Rights

Youth across the world have been marginalised in issues of political and decision-making processes, with young women encountering more and sever forms of discrimination when compared to their male counterparts. Due to social norms in many countries, young women's voices have been silenced to prevent them from standing up for their rights. Young women face poverty, numerous types of discrimination, inadequate and limited education, unemployment and few job opportunities.

Traditionally, young women have joined and been active in political movements in their respected universities but however, they are usually overlooked whenever a formal political leadership position becomes available – political party leaders will rather choose to fill the position with incapable older male colleague than let a young woman take the reins therefore, denying the young woman her political rights.

20 December 2015

10 Financial Tips Every (Smart) Young Woman Should Know About Money Management

We all have relationship with money; some love it, hate it, worship it and some even have chrometophobia also known as the fear of money. Some have it and some do not but regardless of each person’s money situation, everyone deals with money on daily basis, as a result, it is very important for one to know and learn ways in which they can use money to serve them best.  
Below are 10 things that every young, professional woman who is new to the workforce or is a start-up entrepreneur will need to lead a positive and stress-free relationship with their money and assist them to get ahead and stay ahead with their money.

7 December 2015

Self-Discovery for 'Unclaimed Lives'

Who are you?
If you find it hard to answer this question or hesitate before answering it then it simply means that you have not yet discovered who you really are.  Knowing who you are makes it easy for any individual to know what they want and do not want out of life. It makes it easy for one to set goals and have something to live for. Self-discovery is not something that happens overnight but still, it is something that one should aim to have in life – it comes in bits and the bits that one has at any given time are what they can confidently define themselves by.
The knowledge of oneself helps to limit the chances of one having to be told who they are by others. Lack of self-knowledge means that an individual does not own their lives but it is rather owned by those who dictate to them, in other words, it opens up doors for other people to order them around. People without self-knowledge are a risk to themselves and others as they stand for nothing and are easily influenced and manipulated by others.