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About Us

Still under construction...  ({Updated 03/11/15} Ok the truth be told, this here line, will be here for long because I kind of like it - it makes me think that I'm working on something big!) 

We are actually scratching our heads, trying to come up with something that is relevant to this page... but mostly we spend most of our time arguing about whether the future paperless world will assist in the fight against global warming. As you may have guessed it, everyone here agrees, well everyone except for our office clown (we actually don't have offices, I mean wherever we meet we call it an office) - the guy who is responsible for making sure that the head blogger is happy but he's doing otherwise...

Below is how our head blogger described this blog back in 2013 (she thought she could keep up with writing make believe stories...):

This blog is dedicated to people who enjoy literature. Its purpose is to help readers to enjoy themselves in a laid-back manner as they enter the world of the characters, as they learn and on the pain, joys and all the roller-coaster emotions the characters encounter.
I will so much welcome anyone with the talent for bring characters to live to share their short stories in this blog. Just send me your email and the rest they call it fairy tale (well most of the time)…

The Head Blogger's Favourite Things:

Novel: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Movie: The Secret & The Pursuit of Happyness
BiographySteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Poem: The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats
Quote: " I'm not African by virtue of being born in Africa" - Kwame Nkrumah