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21 November 2014

Success is For You Too

Awaken the Giant in You

We all have will-power; we never run of it, we just don’t practice all the time.

20 November 2014

Minor Straight Talk

To Her:

You cry a lot, you say you wonder if he really loves you - gal, that man loves you so... the problem is that you keep tripping over petty things. How you gonna explain him dissing his boys for you every time you call on him? How you gonna explain him sticking up for you whenever you turn into the drama queen you are always prone to be? Your friends keep telling you how you feel...C'mon Ma... give him a break...

The thing is, you keep bringing the 90's problems into the 2000's...

To Him:

Hommie, you're partially to be blamed for the mess you're in coz with you the truth is always cheap and other times you are simply allergic to the truth. She doesn't need your Visa nor your riches... Ain't you tired of the game... The tyres don't make the wheels... You stash but she ain't like that - she's willing to trade it all.
You say you're her king... (pause)... Dude how you gonna be a king without a queen?

Well, my advice is free so take it or leave it... after all I ain't getting paid by the hour... (Deuce)