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14 August 2014

Street-smart Mind-set of Succeeding in Life*

Some people like to settle in the state of mind whereby they believe they have the ‘potential’ and the idea of exploring those potentials might frighten them from taking any step because they believe that once they do so then that chapter of ‘having potentials’ might close and they will have no story to tell anymore. What they don’t realise is that the end of each chapter means a fresh start of the next undiscovered, captivating chapter and that the end of the last chapter means a brand new book to unearth. No one can ever run out of their potential, once you discover your full ability to do something you start to learn that you could actual reach for newer heights with each step you take. This theory is based on the fact that, if for one moment you start to believe that you have reach all your full potentials in life and there is nothing new to add to that then you stop dreaming and lose the touchstone of your personality.
Our minds are loaded with the Don’ts that often times we fail to see the Do’s that can catapult us to greater achievements. You could put two people in the same environment with same opportunities and obstacles; the other person might take the opportunities given to him and use them to succeed and take the obstacles as learning path whilst the second person on the other hand might approach all the opportunities with fear and escalate all the obstacles that he faces. He will rather choose to fill his mind with counterproductive and negative thoughts that he end up scaring himself off of his potential best.
We can either choose to let our minds to rule us with their stratagem or we can choose to guide and challenge our minds to build us up and empower us by feeding it positive thoughts at all times. At first it might sound like hard work to purify our thoughts from second-to-second basis but rather than taking this process as some boring chores that need to be done with, visualise yourself in the state that you’d like to see yourself in, the wealth that you want to accumulate and declare to yourself those feelings you are experiencing are the results that you will wake up to and enjoy each and every day if you train your mind to be your valuable companion. Always focus on being your own coach and master the game of success.

1 August 2014

Women Dictionary for Men - A Guy's Guide to decoding What Women Really Mean Now on Sale!

here is my new book, I so hope you like it:

List Price: $7.99
5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 
Full Color on White paper
30 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1500631321 (CreateSpace-Assigned) 
ISBN-10: 1500631329 
BISAC: Self-Help / Communication & Social Skills

We all have experienced the fury of a woman being it a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend or a stranger and when a woman is angry, the universe halts – oh, yes it does. If somehow the person she is angry with is close to her heart then they are in the worst possible calamity that they could find themselves in as she would rather concentrates on being angry with them than try to explain why she is mad at them. Women are intuitive people; they usually know when something is wrong with someone close to them and are mindful of small things that mean a lot to them (she will easily remember the doctor’s appointment that you mentioned to her weeks ago in passing).

What men don’t get is, women expect the same thing from their better halves. It is not that they want you to read their minds, no, they simply want you to be sensitive to their feelings and say correct things or act in the most appropriate manner at most time – of course we know how ‘difficult’ it is for you to keep up. An understanding to a woman’s mind is like a rare and delightful joyride; it is like hitting a home-run and if you are one of the few men who have mastered this art then you must by all means cherish it at all-time.

This booklet is for men (and women) who really want to hold conversation with women in their lives without getting lost in translation. If you have been confused by what a woman said then this book is for you. Men are on the other hand, are different species altogether – they always say what is on their mind sometimes louder than they ought to.
We will also like to acknowledge a few (yes, a few) women who do not find it hard to be upfront with their feelings – kudos to you!

This book will help you to understand women better and you never find yourself in difficult situation whenever you hold a conversation with women.