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17 March 2015

Marsha Wright’s Think Big Sundays Making a Positive Impact

We all face challenges in our lives – this is not unique because it is a platform in which life is founded on but what remains exceptional is what is rooted in an individual’s mind; what they let penetrate their consciousness. To make it through the challenges, we need to blend our thinking with our daily lives – they have to be one. If an individual have a negative mind-set but still hope life will turn out good for them then they are living a deceit; either consciously or unconsciously. We need to align our minds with what we want in order to make phenomenally positive and constructive changes in our lives and this can be achieved through positive thinking.

Having a positive outlook in life helps us to cope easily in our day to day dealings. People who have positive attitude tend to be more optimistic in life and happier and successful than their counterparts. Positive thinking is a state of mind that can be developed by an individual in order to achieve their life goals and visions. In other words, positive thinking can be concluded as having good intentions for your life and communicating them with your mind which in turn gives you enthusiasm for life.

One of the experts who truly believe in the power of positive thinking is Marsha Wright. Through her popular Think BIG Sunday with Marsha, she encourages her 180K+ Twitter followers to share inspirational quotes that encourage a lifestyle of thinking beyond one’s circumstances.