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16 April 2015

A Better You? Don't Forget the Self-compassion Ingredient

We live in the world where self-criticism is celebrated; we are taught to be hard on ourselves in order for us to make it through life. We are taught that being kind to ourselves is an act of self-pity, selfishness or egotistical. Our modern culture encourages self-criticism because it believes that it actually motivates us to be successful and without fail, frowns on any individual who believes in extending compassion to themselves. What the society is not aware of, is that self-criticism is actually self-destructive motivator; is like giving a child a hand-grenade to play with – it will eventually blow them up. Self-criticism plants the feeling of unhappiness and lack of self-esteem in its victim and that feeling stays with them even if they become successful later in life.
Self-criticism becomes a ball of chain that holds its prey down in the long run.

8 April 2015

Africa still failing Africans

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For a continent that is deemed to be rich in natural resources which include diamond, gold, chromium, cobalt and manganese to name a few, Africa is a home to over one billion of people who are only seen but not heard. The richness of the Mother continent are enjoyed by few Africans whilst the lion’s share is being devoured by aliens. Both the continent’s governments and multinational firms engaged in fraudulent schemes have plundered Africa of its resources. According to the African Union’s report, the African continent loses more than $50 billion every year in illicit financial outflows.
Puppet and corrupt Leadership
Most of African leaders are totally compromised, non-progressive, lack vision and mostly selfish people. African leadership has been turned into cult – the natives have fallen into the deadly trap of hero worshiping their leaders. They have lost the ability to evaluate their leaders’ capabilities and abilities – they have simply derailed from the Africa First vision. True visionaries have either long gone or have simply gone silent and in their place stand storytellers who are feeding the people with lies after lies.