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13 January 2015

Everyone needs to be a Self-Leader

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Self-leadership is the ability of one to manage their lives in such a way that it brings about positive outcome in their lives. When you practice self-leadership, you become your own leader as well as your own follower. A self-leader strives to lead themselves to personal development and excellence. One of the advantages of self-leadership is that, a self-leader is able to keep constant supervision of their improvement and/or relapse as they spend most of their time with themselves. The reason why I use and highlight the word, ‘most’ rather than ‘all’ is because most people ‘sleepwalk’ throughout their existence and as such, are not aware of how they spend their time. They have little if no control of their lives.
It is easy to influence or to be influenced by the person one spends their time with and therefore with the ever-presence of one’s self we tend to shape our lives with our thoughts and beliefs. For any leader to be an effective leader, they need to first be effective in leading themselves. Until one is able to successfully lead themselves, the chances of them having effectual leadership of others is nearly impossible as the cliché goes, ‘you cannot give what you do not have.’