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10 February 2016

Learning to Let go of Your Failures

Learning to Let go of Your Failures
How many times have you beaten yourself up for having failed a task or not achieving your set goal?
How many times have you been stuck in a one place after failure?
The world that we live in nowadays can be unforgiving, merciless, intolerant and harsh towards any mistake one makes. It will actually remind you, without failure, of all your mistakes you have ever made - even the minor ones. From our childhood, we are taught to measure ourselves, abilities and talents against that of others. Our brains have been programmed to focus more on our failures than our victories – our conquests are short-lived. The society judges an individual based on those failures:
  • A bad breakup will mean that I’m a bad person;
  • A failed business venture means I do not have what it takes to make it in the industry;
  • Bankruptcy means it is the end of me, that whatever is left of my life is doomed;
  • A rebellious child means I failed the child as a parent;
  • An outburst when still working on your anger issues means I will never be a better person.