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Introduction to the Internet Components - World Wide Web and Email *

Authored by Thato Gaboitsiwe 

The book covers two of the Internet's most used components; the World Wide Web and the electronic mail (email). The Web is used to access and share information on the Internet such as multimedia files. People use the email for cheap, effective and fast communication across the world on the Internet.

Introduction to the Internet Components - World Wide Web and Email *

Publication Date:
Apr 11 2013
1482600404 / 9781482600407
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
8" x 10"
Full Color
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Computers / Information Technology
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First Edition
December 3, 2013
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Full color
0.6 lbs.
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8.5 wide x 11 tall

Breakups are never easy, but knowing what to do after breaking up with your better half is harder. Mama told me my Wedding Dress Shouldn't be Black has gathered 30 activities to do in 30 days following the breakup in order to help you heal in time and with dignity.
In the book, the author highlights the fact that relationship breakup marks the beginning of the end of something that had once been cherished and therefore can leave a void in one’s life but also notes that given time, that void can be filled when we surround ourselves with the right people and not indulging too much on the shoulda coulda woulda.
It is time my dear girl, to throw away the blanket of sorrow and concentrate on being good to yourself, but above all, appreciate and love yourself.
Take control of your life and navigate your heart to a speedy recovery with Mama Told me that my Wedding Dress Shouldn't be black book!
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201 Homemade Beauty Tips & Tricks: The Gypsy and Belle in You

201 Homemade Beauty Tips & Tricks in You is a beauty manual that offers and showcases the most comprehensive guide to natural homemade beauty cosmetics and medicinal remedies. It is written for those who want to take good care of themselves in natural ways. Inside you can find old housewives' recipes that had worked for people from early eras. You can discover different recipes for beauty concoctions such as facial masks, bubble baths, perfumes, body scrubs, body butter/creams, and soaps. These homemade beauty products are made from natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and essential oils. 
There are countless chemical-based beauty products that the beauty industry has put on the market with endless promises to solve all the skin problems that women and men are faced with. As much as the benefits of these commercialized products are appreciated, the fact that they come at exorbitant price and some of them contain toxic, poisonous chemicals which are harmful to our health cannot be overlooked. Some of the chemicals found in commercial cosmetic products can disrupt people's hormones and mood by causing hormonal imbalance, imitating or obstructing the body's hormone functions and resulting in health conditions such as low sperm count, increase the rate of cancers and birth defects. Homemade products are cheaper to produce and contain only toxic-free natural ingredients. It is therefore not surprising to see more and more people turning to Mother Nature to provide them with health and beauty solutions – even the commercial beauty and pharmaceutical industries advertise their products as natural. 

The benefits of homemade products differ but they include the following:
 • Revitalizing the scalp and combating scalp conditions such as dandruff 
• Stimulate hair growth and promoting healthier and glowing hair 
• Nourished and healthy skin 
• Treatment of skin conditions such as; acne, blemishes, oily and dry skin
• Regenerate skin cells and preventing premature ageing 
• Cure fungal and bacterial infections such as athlete's foot, ringworms and eczema 
• Promote blood circulation 
• Protect the skin from free radicals caused by UV radiation 
• Detoxification

Women Dictionary for Men: A Guy's Guide to Decoding what Women Really Mean (Personal Collection) (Volume 1) 
We all have experienced the fury of a woman being it a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend or a stranger and when a woman is angry, the universe halts – oh, yes it does. If somehow the person she is angry with is close to her heart then they are in the worst possible calamity that they could find themselves in as she would rather concentrates on being angry with them than try to explain why she is mad at them. Women are intuitive people; they usually know when something is wrong with someone close to them and are mindful of small things that mean a lot to them (she will easily remember the doctor’s appointment that you mentioned to her weeks ago in passing). What men don’t get is, women expect the same thing from their better halves. It is not that they want you to read their minds, no, they simply want you to be sensitive to their feelings and say correct things or act in the most appropriate manner at most time – of course we know how ‘difficult’ it is for you to keep up. An understanding to a woman’s mind is like a rare and delightful joyride; it is like hitting a home-run and if you are one of the few men who have mastered this art then you must by all means cherish it at all-time. 
This booklet is for men (and women) who really want to hold conversation with women in their lives without getting lost in translation. If you have been confused by what a woman said then this book is for you. Men are on the other hand, are different species altogether – they always say what is on their mind sometimes louder than they ought to. We will also like to acknowledge a few (yes, a few) women who do not find it hard to be upfront with their feelings – kudos to you! This book will help you to understand women better and you never find yourself in difficult situation whenever you hold a conversation with women.